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Vadim Mostovoy has over 25 years of experience and works with Mortgage Intelligence, Canada's Mortgage Experts, to offer homeowners the best deals available.

According to the 2021 Mortgage Consumer Study conducted by the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC), 85% feel that a mortgage broker would get them the best mortgage rate or deal. Indeed, you should have confidence in your mortgage plan and that’s why professional mortgage advice is so critical.

Vadim Mostovoy has over 25 years of experience and works with Mortgage Intelligence, Canada's Mortgage Experts, to offer homeowners the best deals available. He will be with you every step of the way to answer all your questions, outline your best options, and efficiently guide you through the mortgage process.

What Does It Mean – To Choose The Top Mortgage Broker’s Advice?

  1. You Will Have A Choice! A wide range of lenders, including major banks, credit unions, and other national, regional, and private lenders will instantly become accessible to you, ensuring that your specific needs are matched to the right mortgage.
  2. You Will Obtain Better Rates! Our reputation and longstanding experience allow us to negotiate great rates and access limited-time mortgage specials.
  3. You Will Get A Professional Independent Approach! Choosing the professional mortgage route will help you get solutions from a huge range of mortgage options, not limited to a particular branch! You would want someone who is highly specialized in the mortgage marketplace to focus solely on your needs and preferences.
  4. You Will Save Time! Everything relating to your mortgage can be managed around your busy schedule. You don’t need to fit in the branch hours wait weeks to get an appointment – we will be here for you 24/7 to answer all your mortgage questions. The convenience factor is the key!
  5. You Will Get Customer Service At Its Best! Our professional services don’t stop after the mortgage closes. I will stay with you for the life of your mortgage with advice and opportunities. My goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your mortgage experience.

Should I Jump Into The Market Now?

Mississauga`s housing market is seeing house prices hit record highs. So, the advice stays the same: buy when you are financially ready. Don’t jump the gun just because rates “may” go higher. But by all means, if you’re thinking about buying, we can arrange a pre-approval so you’re protected from rate increases while you shop around.

Getting expert mortgage advice has never been easier!

Mississauga Based Mortgage SERVICES INCLUDE:


Do you want to create the perfect house that fits your lifestyle? Or does your family need more room to grow? Call today for a free analysis of what you can afford. Your dream home in Mississauga, Ontario may be more affordable than you think!

  • Self-Employed? We have access to lenders that specialize in self-employed mortgage programs and offer competitively priced financing.
  • Recently Separated? We’ve got options that can give both partners a fresh start.
  • Thinking Renovation? Your mortgage can be your most cost-effective financing option.
  • Retired? Access tax-free cash from your home so you can retire your way.
  • Shaky Credit And Need A Mortgage Now? Solutions are available. We can also help you rebuild your credit for later.
  • Thinking Like A Landlord? Rental properties can be great wealth-builders for many Canadians.

Wherever you are in your homeownership journey or still hesitating, call us anytime for mortgage advice from the top experts in the mortgage industry in Mississauga!


Available In Mississauga

What Does It Mean To Refinance?

Accessing home equity through a refinance (min 20% home equity) has for years been an easy, low-cost way to get needed funds.

Reasons to Refinance:

  • Fresh Start! Get a financial reset and save thousands of dollars in interest!
  • Dream Home! If you’ve found the perfect cottage, chalet, or the retirement home of your dreams, refinancing may be the way to make that purchase happen now if you’re not quite ready to sell your primary residence.
  • Renovate! Renovating your home is often a less expensive option than moving. And the right renovations can improve the quality of your life and increase the value of your home.
  • Wealth Building! You may want to invest in a new business venture.

Think you might want to refinance? Our team can provide you with personalized analysis tailored specifically to your mortgage needs. And don’t forget to ask as many questions as you want! We are here to answer all of them.


Options Available In Mississauga

Got Too Much Debt?

Why pay high-interest rates on your bank's credit card debt when you can add that debt to your mortgage and pay a much lower interest rate? One important part of a strategy is knowing "good debt" from "bad debt". A well-planned mortgage can help you turn those bad debts into good debts and get them out of the way.

  • Save Thousands Of Dollars In Interest! Consolidate high-interest rate credit cards to one with a lower rate.
  • Save Money And Increase Cash Flow. Learn how to manage your debts and consider making extra payments with the money you save each month. This can help you pay off the debt earlier, thereby saving even more on interest in the long run.
  • Reduce Stress Knowing That Your Financial Situation Is Now Manageable. Having multiple debts from multiple creditors as well as keeping track of them can be overwhelming. Simplify your finances, it doesn’t need to be that stressful!

Learn about the different mortgage options for debt consolidation and the services available in Mississauga, Ontario so you can find the right mortgage solution!

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Due to the rapid growth of the mortgage industry sector, mortgage brokers have become the go-to resource, especially for many first-time homebuyers.

Buying a home is an exciting time! You're about to take a big step so you'll definitely need some advice from a mortgage professional.

With access to multiple lenders, we'll help you find the best rates and best mortgage options to help you buy your dream home. Our best advice? Begin a conversation with a mortgage professional in your area.

Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

(to help you get off on the right foot in your home buying journey)

  • Determine The Budget (Determine what you can afford before you start shopping for a home – and long before you consider putting an offer on one – build a realistic budget)
  • Get Expert Advice (Work with a mortgage broker to sort through all of the mortgage options and get the right combination of mortgage features, privileges, and rate that is best matched to your needs. The right mortgage goes beyond just the rate--it’s important to also consider the term, pre-payment options, refinancing penalties, restrictions, and fees)
  • Plan For Closing Costs (There are additional costs associated with buying a home – lawyer fees, reimbursements, appraisal, etc. – so you’ll need to have some extra funds set aside to cover these costs. Ask your mortgage professional to clarify them! Not a first-time buyer? No problem. It’s never too late to “start smart” on your financial future!