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What Does It Mean To Refinance?

Accessing home equity through a refinance (min 20% home equity) has for years been an easy, low-cost way to get needed funds.

Reasons to Refinance:

  • Fresh Start! Get a financial reset and save thousands of dollars in interest!
  • Dream Home! If you’ve found the perfect cottage, chalet, or the retirement home of your dreams, refinancing may be the way to make that purchase happen now if you’re not quite ready to sell your primary residence.
  • Renovate! Renovating your home is often a less expensive option than moving. And the right renovations can improve the quality of your life and increase the value of your home.
  • Wealth Building! You may want to invest in a new business venture.

Think you might want to refinance? Our team can provide you with personalized analysis tailored specifically to your mortgage needs. And don’t forget to ask as many questions as you want! We are here to answer all of them.

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