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Vadim Mostovoy has over 25 years of experience and works with Mortgage Intelligence, Canada's Mortgage Experts, to offer homeowners the best deals available.

Got a mortgage renewal coming up in the next six months? Let’s start talking!

Given the large financial commitment of a mortgage, it's surprising that so many homeowners sleepwalk through the mortgage renewal process and don't look at all their options in the marketplace.

3 reasons to get a second opinion on your mortgage renewal

  1. This is your moment of opportunity to *negotiate the best possible deal*, either with your current lender or with a new one – with NO penalties.
  2. With access to over 50 lenders and hundreds of mortgage options I can make sure you are being offered the best rate and mortgage possible.
  3. If you have enough equity in your home, you may be able to move high-interest debt to your lower-rate mortgage, improving cash flow and saving on interest.

TIPS before renewing your mortgage:

*Having a good credit score. *This is important if you want to switch your mortgage to a new lender for a better deal. Just a heads up! You have more control over your credit score than you think, and you may want to discuss credit improvement strategies with us.

*Stability of your employment. Taking on new debt or leaving your current employment prior to renewal can affect your ability to move your mortgage to another lender. We can discuss the potential impact of changes on your personal situation.

  • Extending amortization. If you need to free up cash flow for specific needs or life situations, a 30-year amortization might be an option for you to consider.

As soon as you hear from your lender about your mortgage renewal, get in touch for a professional second opinion! We can start working on your file as early as 6 months prior to renewal!

You also need to consider that your mortgage needs may have changed.

Don’t renew your mortgage with your eyes closed! There are some great options out there; be sure to look around.

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